Appreciation by the Chief Minister of Rajasthan

15th December 2017
The Chief Minister of Rajasthan interacting with Fight Hunger Foundation representatives and stakeholders of the POSHAN programme.

The State Government of Rajasthan recently organized an event to showcase the impacts achieved during the last 4 years of functioning.

“Vikas Pradashini” or Development Exhibition”, witnessed various Government departments and initiatives presenting their work in terms of administration and local Governance. The exhibition was graced by the presence of The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Shrimati. Vasundhara Raje.

POSHAN (Positive and Optimum care of children through Social Household Approach for Nutrition) programme, a joint initiative by the Department of Health and Family welfare- Rajasthan and the state arm of National Health Mission with Fight Hunger Foundation serving as the technical partner, was one of the Government initiative to be featured at the exhibition.

The Hon'ble CM signing a compendium of POSHAN articles produced by Fight Hunger Foundation.

In 2016, POSHAN reached out to around 10,000 malnourished children, saving their lives and is seen as a successful programme in tackling deadly malnutrition in the state. UNICEF and GAIN were our other partners in this programme that involved more than 2500 government frontline workers in 1574 villages and 41 blocks! This initiative was the single largest community-based intervention implemented by a state Government in India.

The Hon’ble Chief Minister appreciated the efforts undertaken under POSHAN, acknowledged Fight Hunger Foundation’s contribution in the initiative and the various papers and knowledge materials published as a direct outcome of the programme. She interacted with various stakeholders from the programme and emphasized the importance of presenting the various success stories from POSHAN at the national level. The Chief Minister was happily surprised to witness evident changes in the health of children enrolled in the programme and emphasized the importance of presenting the success stories of POSHAN through various platforms.


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