Tata Mumbai Marathon 2018

Team Legrand at the dream run.

It is not often that a city wakes up at four in the morning to run a marathon, and rarer still when individuals run as one, bound together by the passion for a cause!

But when it does, it is quite a sight!

On the morning of 21st January 2018, Fight Hunger Foundation’s resolve to reach every child suffering from malnutrition grew manifold. At the Tata Mumbai Marathon (TMM), this year was a team of over 80 runners wholeheartedly supporting Fight Hunger foundation and running to end child hunger in India.

Daniel Tapia's efforts featured in the Mumbai Mirror!
Daniel Tapia's efforts featured in the Mumbai Mirror!

Leading team Fight Hunger Foundation this year was young leader Daniel Tapia who raised over Rs. 1 lakh on the charity partner platform through his network of family and friends and ran the dream run. Daniel was joined by runners from Legrand India, Givaudan, Drumsfood and few other individual runners. With months of preparation and intense training, the participants had a stellar run through the streets of Mumbai and finished with flying colours. The electric atmosphere coupled with the zest shown by the runners was truly a sight for sore eyes!

With a huge sense of pride and joy, we thank all our individual and corporate runners. We cannot wait to collaborate with them for the next edition of the marathon.

We are super thankful to all our friends and supporters. With you by our side, we are confident of reaching our goal of a Hunger Free India.

The Tata Mumbai Marathon brings together citizens of various backgrounds from the entire city unites them through the joy of running. It highlights the great spirit of this city in supporting various charities and causes. The 2018 edition of the half marathon saw over 44,000 participants, some running for their passion, some to push themselves while some supporting a cause they believe in.


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