Mumbai Smiles: training Balwadi teachers

04 September 2015

Creating a Hunger Free India involves more than just detection and treatment of malnourished children.

Rajkumari's Story

06 August 2015

10 months old Rajkumari Shariya could hardly whimper as we placed her on a weighing scale, to detect if she was acutely malnourished. We did not wait to see the measurement, as it was evident that this little girl was an emergency case and was severely malnourished. Her weight was far less than average and one could see the pain in her eyes, due to her inability to swallow food. If not treated immediately, she was in danger of not surviving.

Govandi slum survey

06 August 2015

Bharti, the 3-year-old daughter of Ramesh, a Rickshaw driver, smiled as we held her hand to measure her weight and height, as a part of our survey to detect acute malnutrition. To our dismay, her weight was 40% less than the standard weight for girls her age. Ramesh and his wife, not aware of the threat of malnutrition, thought she would put on weight as she grew older.

Radio Interview with RJ Hrishi K

04 August 2015

It was a moment of pride for us at Fight Hunger Foundation, when we were invited by Mumbai’s popular FM Radio station 94.3 FM, to feature in their morning drive time show!

Eminent Professor from Washington University visits Fight Hunger Foundation

06 February 2015

Medical nutrition therapy [MNT] is one of the key tools used for treating children suffering from severe acute malnutrition [SAM], and normally takes the form of a peanut butter type paste, packed with nutrients.  Fight Hunger Foundation, together with the production unit at the Sion hospital in Mumbai, has been researching the possibility of producing MNT together.

Local Improvements to Malnutrition Treatment

28 August 2014

India holds the regrettable record of being home to one of four children in the world who are affected by the worst form of undernutrition.