Sachin Tendulkar supports Fight Hunger Foundation

Sachin Tendulkar, one of the greatest cricketers of all time, has lent his support to the Fight Hunger Foundation! To say that we are delighted is a huge understatement! Here is what he has to say about hunger in India and getting in involved with Fight Hunger Foundation:

"For any child to be able to lead a healthy and active life, nutrition becomes extremely important. I remember when I was playing cricket matches as a child, one of the games I precisely remember was at Wankhede Stadium and at lunch time I didn’t have anything to eat. I went out to bat and got out because I was hungry and was not able to perform. We have got so many hungry children in India who do not have proper diet, they have no access to food or water. They are malnourished. We need to look after them in creating a hunger free India. To create a hunger free India, let’s come together and support Fight Hunger Foundation." 


I would like to save children's lives today