Media Sensitization Workshop on Nutrition in Udaipur - 25th March 2017


The team of AAH/FHF with the Mission Director

The team of AAH/FHF with the Mission Director, NHM, Government of Rajasthan, Shri Naveen Jain during the Media Sensitization workshop in Udaipur.

The latest NFHS 2015-16 data of Udaipur when compared to Rajasthan reveals clear differences in terms of all the major indicators. Udaipur’s status of severely wasted children under 5 years is 11.4% as compared to Rajasthan which is 8.6% . Udaipur was one of the districts where POSHAN Phase I was implemented and the 2nd phase is about to start.

Shri. Naveen Jain
Shri. Naveen Jain, MD-NHM, government of Rajasthan expressed his thought process related to the community-based management of acute malnutrition (CMAM).

Keeping all the above important facts in mind, a media sensitization workshop was organized in order to exchange important information regarding malnutrition in Rajasthan with the media, share experiences & deliver a message on the importance of POSHAN II.

This was carried out in context of Udaipur, to increase the availability and use of new data and information, to create a steady flow of information for deeper content, promote simple and appealing messages to be carried in media to encourage effective action amongst government policy makers, programmers, community workers and families.

The objective was also to encourage journalists to write articles on SAM and newspapers supplements, to sensitize media for their support in making CMAM/POSHAN’s way into nutrition/health policy and improved budget allocations for nutrition programme.

Ms. Mousumi Gupta
Ms. Mousumi Gupta, HoD- Advocacy, AAH/FHF welcomes the participants during the workshop in Udaipur.
Ms. Meeta Mathur
Ms. Meeta Mathur, HoD- Nutrition & Health, AAH/FHF speaks about malnutrition in the state to the participants during the workshop in Udaipur.
Mr. Ishank Gorla
Mr. Ishank Gorla, PM-GAIN, presented an explanation of social media and its types to the participants during the workshop in Udaipur.
workshop in Udaipur
A packed hall with participants during the workshop in Udaipur.
Mr. Govind Parikh
Mr. Govind Parikh, Deputy Director, IEC-NHM, government of Rajasthan revealed the importance of the role of the media in advocating the cause to reduce malnutrition.


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